Friday, April 15, 2011

Let the planning begin!!

Well folks, here we are, less than a year to go now.  Time seems to have gone so fast already since we became engaged.  Where'd it go!?!?  And is it going to continue to go so fast?  From what I'm told from others, yep, it's going to fly right up until the day.  Not that that is a bad thing!! 

I can remember as a child and teenager picturing, and planning,  my wedding, but never until now did I realize how many small things come along with that!!  It's not a venue, a dress, some music, flowers, an officiant, and family and friends.  Oh nooooo.  But planning is half the fun!!  And thankfully, Brent doesn't mind helping!  Over the weekend we went to the Central Coast Bridal Show at the Madonna Inn.  Craziness I tell you!  It's this giant room filled with vendors of all sorts throwing things at you left and right to stuff into your bag that you get upon registration.  It's like being at a car dealership, people trying to talk you into their services and why they are the best choice.  And of course you have to make them happy and act interested and take the junk, and sometimes goodies, they give you.  It's not all bad though.  You can get some good ideas from stuff they have on display and we did book our cake baker there!!  YUM! 

So far things are going pretty well.  And we are super excited to get to do all the little things like choosing our menu items and cake flavors, start a registry, pick out attendant gifts,  jewelry, and all that. 

Luckily we were so excited in the begininning, that even though it was way ahead of schedule we started some stuff early.  Our venue is booked., our photographer is booked, our DJ is booked, the florist - my wonderful sister Brook, and as mentioned before our baker!!  

So sorry this post is so boring, but stay tuned, I'm sure it's bound to get interesting!!! 

And while you're at it, check out another blog by one of Brent's friends about our upcoming nuptials.  This one isn't quite so serious